Shmuel Leib Melamud


Модераторы Твиттера начинают увольняться в знак протеста против участия Маска в управлении соцсетью.


Cassie Nick Rumbaugh, a data scientist at Twitter, is among the employees and contractors very upset. "A prominent transphobe buying a large stake in Twitter is not at all funny," she says.

Gerard Taylor, a senior software engineer at Twitter, is concerned about the leftist company culture.

"Looks like I picked a good week to be off," reacts Geri Kidd, a recruiting manager for Twitter.

Ashna Guliani, a Twitter software engineer, posted a video of a crying woman to show how upset she is.

"And I still dislike him [Elon Musk]." Haraldur Thorleifsson, who directs creative services for Twitter.

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